Mignontre is located at the heart of a manufacturing district, where Men, Women and Children shoes industry has always been the driving force. Today, the footwear industry is a completely renewed, dynamic and developing sector. Mignontre aims at committing its resources and efforts in research and development to provide its customers with new products and to implement new personalised solutions for them. The Company offers laces, tubes, covered rubber bands, coupled bands, sewn and non-sewn mignons, rounded mignons, braids and scoubidous, profiles, covered welts, welts with accessories and overlapping. The items are produced with materials and raw materials supplied by clients or on leathers and synthetic materials suggested by Mignontre.


The Leather’s world complements that of the footwear. The demand for the items in the luxury sector, from bags, belts, wallets, keychains and suitcases is constantly growing. Mignontre has designed a specific line of items such as: dyed edges, coupled bands with and without zips, laces with strobel stitching, profiles, elastic profiles, profiles with scoubidous and braids, folds for threading on chains and braids with dyed sides.


Mignontre has added a variety of items suitable for the Clothing and Costume Jewellery Industry to its product range. For Customers working in these sectors, Mignontre produces laces, round mignons with strobel stitching, coupled edges with dyed sides, mignon with sews, profiles, folds and scoubidous ideal for clothes and metallic sealings of bracelets. All the items and manufacturing processes could be realized with leather or synthetic materials supplied by customer themselves or with a basic assortment of synthetic materials suggested by Mignontre.


Elegance, Design and Craftmanship are worldwide known characteristics of the Made in Italy Furniture Industry. Mignontre instils these three fundamental elements in its leather manufactured items, like bands with worked edges, signed and dyed, round mignons with strobel stitching, profiles, profiles with saddle stitches, profiles with scoubidous for sofas, beds, benches, armchairs and chairs.